Graduate Career Support

Northumbria University Newcastle is positioned among the top 10 universities in the UK for graduate employment within 6 months of graduation.

At QFBA-Northumbria University we understand that choosing the right career or landing a job after graduation is a major concern for graduates everywhere and we live to the promise of helping out our alumni in resourceful ways to support them in achieving this goal.

Our team is equipped and certified to provide all kinds of career support from general tips to building your LinkedIn profile, job search, interview guidelines, and effective resume writing.

Exploring Options

Exploring career options and understanding what’s available, are ways to go about that, but more importantly it is the dedication you put into forming each element that contributes to landing the right job for you. Watch this workshop video for detailed career advice and visit Northumbria University UK Career website for more career support related information.

Leveraging Social Media

Social media platforms provide tangible benefits for candidates and recruiters alike. Candidates have higher visibility and recruiters have access to bigger pool of competitive candidates.

With this in mind, leveraging professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn has become a necessity for the new world recruitment structure and fundamentals.

Building a strong presence and network on LinkedIn is a steppingstone to help you land the job you are aiming for and to help you progress towards your desired career path based on your qualifications and aspirations.

Watch this video on how to use social media to progress your career and get your target job.

One-to-one Support

Interested in a tailored career advice? Contact Ms Rawan Khir at to book your one-to-one career counselling session!

Useful Resources

Visit Northumbria University UK Career website for more career support options, including tips, advice and explanatory videos.