Consumer Protection in the Banking & Financial Services:


24 – 26 November 2020 (Tuesday to Thursday)

09 AM – 12 PM

Program 2 Consumer Protection

This comprehensive 3-day online seminar is designed to provide banks and financial institutions employees with knowledge related to consumer protection in the financial services, financial literacy and financial inclusion.

The financial crisis showed deficiencies in the current consumer protection frameworks even in the high-income countries and encouraged several reforms. It also showed the importance of financial consumer protection and financial literacy as two important factors to achieve financial stability and increase consumer trust in the financial and banking system. In addition to that these two factors played an important role in financial inclusion. Financial consumer protection efforts and increasing consumers’ financial literacy can solve the problem of information asymmetries and imbalance of power between banks and financial institution from one side and customers from another side.

This workshop will focus on the internationally best practices of financial consumer protection (i.e. OECD Principles, World Bank best practices, etc.) and on the key elements that define financial consumer protection in addition to the ethics in the banking profession.


Upon the completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the background and internationally best practices of financial consumer protection at banks and financial institutions,
  • Prepare customer education programs, financial literacy courses, customer rights and duties,
  • Prepare Key Fact Statements for any product or service,
  • Calculate Annual Percentage Rate APR, the real cost of credit,
  • Assess suitability of products and services with customers’ needs, risk, etc.
  • Be aware of several dispute resolution mechanisms, and countries experience.
Target Audience

Consumer Protection specialists at banks or financial institutions or anyone requiring a fundamental knowledge of consumer protection, financial inclusion and financial literacy.


An interactive seminar based on open discussion and real life examples.

Course outline

Module 1: Internationally Best Practices of Financial Consumer Protection

  • Legal & Supervisory Framework
  • Disclosure and Transparency
  • Fair Treatment & Business Conduct
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  • Guarantee Schemes & Insolvency
  • Consumer Empowerment & Financial Literacy
  • Competition & Consumer Protection
  • Financial Inclusion


Module 2: Highlights of Ethics in the Banking Profession

  • Introduction to Principles of Ethics
  • Financial Crisis (Legal vs. Ethical Discussion)



3 Days – 3 Hours a Day / Total of 9 Hours

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