Change Management after COVID-19 for Banks


29 – 30 November 2020 Sunday and Monday

9 AM – 1 PM

Program 5 Change Management

Virtual programme on the influence of COVID-19 on a bank’s processes, and the need to manage the inevitable changes to the way bank deals with both its external and internal stakeholders.

Learn how to prepare your organisation for change after COVID-19 including the factors that influence the readiness to change, process optimizations, and safety and health issues.
Target Audience
Professionals in the banking industry
An interactive seminar based on open discussion and real-life examples.
Course outline

Module 1: The Impact of COVID-19 on Bank Operations & Processes

  • Credit Management
  • Revenue Compression
  • Customer Service and Advice Provision
  • Operating Model Adjustments and Cost Control

Module 2: Leading Your Team Through COVID-19

  • Adopt New Ways to Working
  • Improve Contact Center Management
  • Enhance and Automate Service

Module 3: Change Management

  • Reasons Why Change Fails
  • Two Levels of Successful Change Management
  • Adoption Curve
  • Addressing Resistance
  • Change Cycle

Module 4: Safety , Health and Environment (SHE)

  • SHE importance to an organisation
  • SHE Management
  • Change Management and SHE
2 Days – 4 Hours a Day / Total of 8 Hours

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