Top Challenges That Banking Industry Is Facing During the COVID19 Crisis And How To Face Them


08 November 2020 Sunday

09 AM – 03 PM

Program 6 Top challenges that Banking Industry is facing

As the world economy is expected to face the worst recession since the great depression since 1930, it is important financial institutions need to make best use of risk management tools available to handle these unprecedented challenging times. Key issues for banks are asset quality & provisioning, margin compression, liquidity & funding, and capital health. In addition, cyber security risks have increased since the start of the pandemic. Therefore, banking professionals must be equipped with the necessary skill set and competence to handle these risks and challenges amidst period of extremely slow growth and high volatility in the financial markets. This course is designed to provide banking professionals an understanding on the nature and type of risks faced by the industry and be equipped with the necessary tools to address the challenges promptly.


Upon completion of this program, the participants will be able to learn the following:

  • Understand the impact of covid-19 on the Qatar economy in general and banking sector in particular
  • Understand the challenges faced by the banking industry
  • Understand the ECL implications for banks due to the pandemic and updating ECL model as per IFRS 9 and central bank guidance
  • Become aware of the strategies that can be used to mitigate the negative impact caused by the crisis on banks’ profitability, liquidity, capital and overall risk exposure
  • Understand the need to review banks’ capital allocation to various sectors and business lines
  • Recognize and understand the need to review banks’ risk appetite statements
  • Understand covid-19 from an ERM perspective and changes needed in banks’ ERM to better handle the crisis
  • Utilize techniques like sensitivity analysis and scenario planning to handle uncertainty
Target Audience

Target audience:

  • Banking and Financial Services Professionals
  • Students
A full day event offered online with power point presentation slides, case studies and real-world examples
Course outline

Module 1

  • Macro-Economic environment and Qatar Banking Industry -Pre-covid-19

Module 2

  • Challenges and risks faced by the banking industry due to Covid-19 crisis
  • Government stimulus and impact

Module 3

  • IFRS 9 – ECL model update on the back of the crisis

Module 4

  • Various strategies and best practices to handle the challenges in an efficient and effective manner
  • How banks can navigate the new world post Covid-19? This can require a change in business model
  • Increasing importance of M&A in Qatar banking sector, post covid-19
1 Day – 6 Hours

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