As it strives to build a knowledge-based economy, Qatar is strategically investing massive resources to develop its financial services industry as a key source of sustainable growth for its citizens and residents alike.

To underpin this development, Qatar recognizes that a highly-skilled human capital is the foundation by which steady growth can be attained.

With this objective, QFC Authority and Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) have partnered to launch Kawader – a unique training programme as an incubator for the next generation of business leaders and decision-makers in Qatar’s emerging financial services industry.

Kawader is a five-month long development programme designed for Qatari students whom have just graduated from university/college. The program enables them to acquire skills and build competencies in cross-functional areas in the financial sector.

Kawader aims to:
• Encourage the most talented young Qataris to pursue a career in the financial sector

• Motivate and empower talented Qatari students, providing them with internationally-recognized qualifications in the financial sector

• Encourage collaboration between the industry and academia

• Provide students access to best practices and globally recognized standards in the industry