The QIPF marks a MENA-wide initiative aimed at actively tackling knowledge gaps, sharing expertise and best practice, in the public finance field. Offering research and training, the QIPF centers on building capacity and raising awareness around efficient and effective use of government funds.

Under the Qatar National Vision 2030 and in anticipation of the World Cup 2022, Qatar is enjoying unprecedented economic boon and diversification and the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) is actively spearheading projects and initiatives that support this growth and empower private and public finance professionals to raise the bar in their fields.

It equips public finance professionals in the MENA region with knowledge and skills via research based policy papers, knowledge exchange platforms, market intelligence and also provides access to international resources.

The key mission of QIPF is to promote efficiency in Public Financial Management in MENA countries through effective research and knowledge exchange along with building awareness and capacity in the region for Public Finance.

With its overarching vision to become a central knowledge, reform, education and policy enhancement hub for public finance professionals in the MENA region, the QIPF is a collaboration of 3 entities: the Qatar Ministry of Finance, the Qatar Finance and Business Academy and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Qatar,s Ministry of Finance:

The Qatar Ministry of Finance (MOF) is the central body responsible for the economy and public finances within the Government of the State of Qatar (“Qatar”). Under its umbrella fall several key functions, including the preparation and implementation of the state budget in alignment with the requirements of national development.

The ministry also regularly undertakes reform initiatives to modernize Qatar’s resource allocation process.

On a nationwide strategic level, it is responsible for the development of international relations between the State of Qatar and other countries and organizations in this area.

combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and other forms of illicit finance.