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Al-Azm 2 Initiative: Empowering Banking and Financial Sector Post Covid19

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The "Azm" (which is the Arabic word for “Determination”) initiative was launched in the beginning of the COVID19 crisis (March and April 2020) and the beginning of the remote-work transformation to empower businesses in the times of crisis by offering online programmes for entities and individuals that focused on skills and knowledge on how to manage and overcome the effects of the crisis on their businesses.

The initiative came in the context of Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA)’s mission to empower the business sector and strengthen its role towards the persistence and determination of national and private organizations to continue their excellence and growth despite the hard circumstances.

As a continuation of the Azm 1 Initiative, came the 2nd edition of the initiative that will launch on October 11th, 2020. This time the focus will be on the Banking and Financial Services Sector.

The 2nd edition of the initiative came in the context of the QFBA’s original mission to empower the banking and financial services sectors and strengthen its role towards the industry mission of continuing the excellence and the growth beyond the crisis.

Azm 2 edition will focus on providing the banking and financial services sectors’ employees at various levels with essential skills and technical knowledge on the effect of COVID19 on their business models and how to mitigate the risks using a knowledge-based approach to deal with the after-effect of the crisis.

An initial list of suggested programmes was compiled and a survey was sent to the major L&D departments at Banks and we gauged their feedback on the programmes they want to focus on. The programmes of this initiative will be conducted in English language and below you will find the details of these programs.