Ministry of Interior (MOI)

The Ministry of Interior through its duties and functions aspires the community and the state to be blessed with stability and well-being. Therefore, it is keen to put in place its strategy that reflect a deep understanding of the security challenges and threats and ways to counter its effects, and the adoption of the effective means to overcome them....
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Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA)

QFBA in association with Cisco will offers a comprehensive Cybersecurity Training Program based on the requirement of the Ministry of Interior.. This program aims to educate and equip the Cybersecurity teams to contribute in protecting the government and semi-governmental entities and the economy from the growing number of cyber threats.

MOI - QFBA Partnership

With the age of technology, and the spread of modern communication mechanisms, new forms of crime have emerged, including the electronic crimes, which the perpetrators sought to inflict, damage, others, across multiple media (phone, email, etc.), which calls for all the entities taking the necessary security precautions against these...
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