In response to building human capital, the Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) systematically linked its training and capacity-strengthening activities with the substantive expertise and experience of other institutions both inside and outside Qatar. QFBA’s affiliations with the global partners reflects the importance we attribute to knowledge sharing and ensure that our partnerships are both relevant and in line with our objectives.

The embracing of the human development in the corporate world has boosted the possibilities for our training and development activities. In today’s world it is important to acknowledge that development will only happen when all global partners are engaged. We cannot transform societies without aligning on the standards. Each partner has a role and it is important for us to identify the best contribution of each one.

QFBA has successfully proved that they can partner for mutual benefits, the partnership era is now approaching its second chapter opened by the possibility of estimating partnership’s impact for our development strategy.

We are sure that our ventures will make a valuable contribution towards accomplishing the ambitious development goals of the local community.
Our Partners
Side by side towards a brighter future.