With more than 135 years of educational excellence, Northumbria University is one of the largest and oldest public universities in the UK with a student strength of over 35,000. Its programmes are internationally recognized and accredited by some of the world’s foremost professional accreditation bodies, which have positioned it amongst the Top 10 universities in the UK for graduate employment within 6 months of graduation.


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QFBA and Northumbria University: Virtual Tour

QFBA has expanded its higher education offering to include BA degrees in Accounting, Finance and other related disciplines to complement its higher education programmes and to accommodate a larger segment of high school students, high school graduate, and professionals with a diploma in Accounting, Banking and other programmes to top up their degrees. QFBA’s partnership with Northumbria University opens a new gateway to a career in Accounting, Finance, and International Banking for the people in Qatar.

Decades of excellence