At QFBA-NU we are keen to support you in becoming a more well-rounded individual. Through our professional and caring staff, we offer you with several StudentServices to enhance your academic, professional, and social success!

We feel overjoyed supporting our students achieve more than they think they are capable of. As a student at QFBA-NU, you can benefit from thediverseAcademic Support we offer throughout your academic journey, including one-on-one academic counselling, peer tutoring sessions, faculty office hours and academic workshops. The workshops cover different key topics to meet students’ needs such as study skills, academic writing skills, navigating blackboard, navigating the e-library and avoiding plagiarism.

You will also have access to the Study Skills Website, which has a wide range of online learning resources designed to support your study and assist you in becoming a successful and independent scholar. The website contains guidelines, pre-recorded seminars, and interactive tutorials on a variety of themes, such as study skills, research skills, academic integrity, critical thinking, numeracy, etc.

Whether you are facing financial challenges or looking for sponsorship to pursue your academic journey with us, we are here to help you!At QFBA-NU we give you the option to pay your annual tuition fees in four equal installments. We also collaborate with local partners to provide our students with partial and full scholarships as well as sponsoring opportunities with guaranteed job offer upon graduation.Here is a list of some of the recent scholarship providers we have been working with:

  • Qatar Armed Forces
  • QNB
  • Ahli Bank
  • Doha Bank
  • Qatar Airways
  • Alfardan Group (Tariqi program)
  • Aspire Logistics
  • Ooredoo
  • Nama
  • Qatar Charity

At QFBA-NU we believe in the power of wide-life learning and the importance of engaging in extracurricular activities.You can choose between joining students' clubs, volunteering in charitable events, attending workshops, participating in competitions, organising or participating in events and participating in internship programs or paid part-time jobs.

Why participate in extracurricular activities?

When participating in extracurricular activities, you will have the opportunity to enhance your learning and raise your profile outside the academic curricular. You also get the chance to enhance youremployability, academic performance, and mental health!Here are some of the key benefits reported specifically by QFBA-NU students:

  • Developing life and career-related skills
  • Gaining and sharing new knowledge
  • Having fun, de-stress and socialize
  • Practicing a specific hobby or passion
  • Giving back to the community
  • Enhancing confidence

How to participate?

Most of ourextracurricular activities areorganized by students’clubs. These clubs are student-led to ensure activities are designed to meet students’ various needs. Whether you are a current QFBA-NU student or an alumnus, you are welcome to join the clubs as we believe this can facilitate networking and knowledge sharing.This year, we are hosting clubs such as: Padel Club, Active Club, Arts Club, Media & Events Club, Book Club, Debate Club, Food Cluband Entrepreneurship Club.

Keep an eye on the Events webpage to stay updated about all the activities organized by us as well as activities organized by other national and international organizations!

As soon as you become a student at QFBA-NU, you will have access to career support services including one-to-one counselling sessions, skills workshops and online resources.You will also have access to briefing sessions delivered by potential sponsors and employers which we host occasionally to enhance networking and to offer students with career and sponsorship opportunities.

Visit our dedicated Careers and Employability webpage for more details on our career services!