Qatat Finance and Business Academic


Course Overview:

All business decision-making involves analyzing situations containing varying degrees of risk. To reduce the decision risk, you should understand the company’s performance and risk.

This program uncovers the essential skills required to understand financial statements and the principle of financial statements preparation. From understanding financial statements preparation, you will start to understand the importance of financial ratios.

Financial statements preparation is the first stage of the decision-making process, where you need to read behind the financial ratios and understand the company’s financial position by using the proper ratios.

Many decisions maybe be incorrect and cost the company millions of dollars, and many late decisions maybe cost the company millions of dollars also because of misunderstanding of the Ratios indicators and how to read it in a professional way.

Analyst need to perform an extensive analysis of financial statements by breaking down the most important types and techniques of financial statement analysis. The main goal of financial analysis is to measure a company’s financial performance over time and against its peers. This analysis can then be used to forecast a company’s financial statements into the future.

The Course is designed to be useful for both beginners and advanced finance professionals, with the main topics covering: (1) the income statement, (2) the balance sheet, (3) the cash flow statement, (4) Ratios Analysis.

Course objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand accounting process and principles.
  • Understand Financial Statements.
  • Ratios Calculation.
  • Ratios Analysis.
  • How to use the Ratios to build a professional evaluation for any company.
  • How to present the result to the Management.

Delivery Method:

In-person Classes

Target Audience:

This program would benefit any professional who needs to improve their skills in understanding Financial Statements and Financial Analysis.

  • Financial personnel who need to provide reporting to the management through reading and analyzing Financial Statements.
  • Non-financial professionals needing to evaluate proposed business expenditure decisions and who need to know more about any company by analysing the Financial Statements.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Understanding financial Statements.

  • Understanding accounting Principles
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Statements Preparation
  • Understanding Financial Statements

Day 2: Financial Ratios

  • Vertical Ratios
  • Horizontal Ratios
  • Performance Ratios (Profitability Ratios, Efficiency Ratios)
  • Financial Leverage Ratios (Liquidity Ratios, Solvency Ratios)

Day 3: Financial Ratios (Case Study)

  • Market Value Ratios
  • Financial Statement Analysis (Case Study)
  • Forecast a company’s financial statements into the future.
  • Financial Statement Analysis (Management Report)
Date Duration Schedule Language Early Registration Regular Registration
3 Nov - 5 Nov 2024 3 Sessions (3 hours per session) Sunday - Tuesday 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm English 1,850 QAR (1 Mar – 25 Sep 2024) 2,250 QAR (26 Sep – 23 Oct 2024)