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Course Information:

Project management is a set of techniques that anyone can apply to achieve goals and make projects more successful. Project management can be used to guide small, simple projects as well as complex enterprise-wide initiatives.

Learn the fundamentals and best practices of project management through hands-on, real-world exercises. Ensure that you are delivering business value by assessing a project’s business case, identifying stakeholders and their relationship to your project, capturing product requirements, and establishing quality metrics to guide the development of your product and reassess the business case. Define product scope to provide clarity for project delivery and create a work breakdown structure to define project scope for the team.

Explaining the fundamentals of project management, from establishing project goals and objectives and building a project plan to managing resources and work, meeting deadlines, and closing the project.

Course objectives:

  • Identify the definition of project management
  • Identify key project goals and assumptions and set the stage for value delivery
  • Explore the similarities and differences between traditional and agile project management.
  • Meet stakeholder informational needs by creating an actionable communication plan.
  • Create the WBS and dictionary that would deliver the scope in the project charter.
  • Examine the best ways to identify a project goal and objectives.
  • Examine strategies to gather requirements.
  • Identify the fundamentals of developing a project budget.
  • Discover the best steps to take when determining the processes for procuring resources.
  • Explore the fundamentals of developing a project schedule.
  • Perform a more detailed and systematic assessment of risk.
  • Examine approaches for monitoring and controlling progress and performance.

By the end of this course, you should have gained a good understanding and experience of the core competencies that make a successful project manager.

Target Audience:

  • This course is designed for anybody whose work directly or indirectly supports projects, or affected by, projects or change management within an organization, including project managers, project coordinators, team leaders, product managers, program managers, project team members, subject matter experts, analysts, stakeholders, and senior managers who want to get more out of their project teams.
  • Anyone in a leadership role who will benefit from an introduction to the art and science of project management.


At least one year experience in the project management.

Course Outline:

1.1 Evaluate a project business case

1.2 Define product scope

  • Project charter
  • Product and project scope

1.3 Identify and assess stakeholders

  • Stakeholders
  • Teams

1.4 Develop a communication plan

1.5 Decompose product scope into stakeholder requirements

1.6 Create WBS and dictionary & Work breakdown structure

1.7 Create an initial schedule and budget

  • Effort and duration
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating cost

1.8 Establish quality metrics

1.9 Create risk register & Risk identification and management

1.10 Review and disposition a change request & Change management

1.11 Close out a project

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