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Course Overview:

Strategic Workforce Planning is a crucial component in assessing the correct workforce numbers as well as hiring the right talent. This unit is to equip HR business partners, HR managers and directors and other professionals with the skills, knowledge and tools required to analyze and plan future business workforce requirements through a combination of analysis of the workforce, the strategic aims and objectives of an organization and its commercial priorities.

Course objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Understand the strategic role of HR in aligning workforce planning with business objectives.
  • Develop skills to communicate and collaborate with key stakeholders across various departments effectively.
  • Learn methods to identify competencies and skills required for current and future recruitment
  • Understand the impact of Nationalisation in creating a Workforce plan and tools to attract Nationals.
  • Gain insights into how to leverage data analytics for predictive workforce planning and gap analysis.
  • Enhance negotiation and influencing skills to gain stakeholder buy-in for proposed workforce strategies.
  • Master the integration of external market trends with internal workforce analysis to inform long-term planning

Course Trainer:

The course will be delivered by Dr. Najat El Mahdy, a long standing HR Professional and a corporate professional with over 20 years of experience in Human Resources Transformation and Organizational Development.

Delivery Method:

In-Person Classes

Target Audience:

HR Professionals, Line Managers and other professionals who want to gain an understanding of strategic workforce planning and how to implement in their organization and gain a recognized accreditation.

Course Contents:

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Overview Workforce Planning and scope Shifting from Demand to Supply Using PESTLE Activity: Group role play present and convince the management of the WFP developed throughout the days
Conducting Stakeholder Analysis Labour market analysis including nationalization requirements Action Planning - SMART Objectives Certification criteria: Each participant is to prepare a WFP strategy with details and submit it for Assessment and feedback
Understanding Future demands Bringing the Analysis together Writing a Strategic WFP
Scenarios for WFP (case studies) Revisit strategy for Stakeholder engagement Activity of S-WFP

Course Outcomes:

  • Articulate in defining HR's strategic role in aligning workforce planning with business objectives.
  • Proficient in employing stakeholder engagement strategies for effective cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Skilled in forecasting talent needs and mapping out required competencies for future business growth.
  • Adept at leveraging data analytics for predictive workforce planning and conducting gap analysis.
  • Competent in negotiation and influencing to secure stakeholder buy-in for workforce strategies.
  • Informed on integrating external market trends with internal workforce analytics to support long-term strategic planning



Upon submission of the coursework, participants will receive the "Accredited Workforce Planning Analyst" certification, which is valid for one year. This certification can be renewed by engaging in professional development activities.

Program Content:

In this program, we will start by introducing the fundamental concepts and importance of workforce planning. We will provide an overview of how workforce planning operates within organizations and delve into the crucial steps involved in the workforce planning process. These steps include setting out the scope, analyzing the business environment and its impacts, identifying the demands placed on the workforce, and subsequently analyzing the supply side of the workforce. By doing so, we will be able to identify any gaps that exist between demand and supply. The program will culminate with the development of a comprehensive and effective workforce plan that addresses these identified gaps and aligns with the organization’s strategic objectives.

Date Duration Schedule Language Early Registration Regular Registration
24 Nov - 27 Nov 2024 4 Sessions (7 hours per session) Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed 8:00am - 3:00pm English 4,250 QAR (1 March – 16 Oct 2024) 4,750 QAR (17 Oct – 13 Nov 2024)